Richard Lipscomb, Jr.


Dr. Richard Lipscomb Jr. , General Dentist, is a Restorative Materials and Mini Dental Implant National Speaker. He also runs a private practice in Mitchellville, Maryland, near Annapolis. He has been performing restorative procedures (Composites, C+B Restorations, and Provisional Restorations) for the past 20 years, and has been placing mini dental implants since 2006.

During that time, he has overseen hundreds of MDI cases, and has gained the experience to train other doctors on placing mini dental implants and restorative procedures. Dr. Lipscomb has also written many articles, conducted seminars, and given hands-on training on numerous restorative materials.

Videos and slides will show you what prepped tooth margins should look like, and how to create them. This course will help your team become more efficient in prepping teeth, making impressions, and fabricating provisional restorations. The key to predictable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing C+B cases, is producing margins that everyone can see (the Lab Technician, the Dental Assistant, and the Dentist). This allows your lab to build upon a great foundation, the impression-making to be more predictable, and the provisional process becomes faster.