Back to Basics: Restoring our Patients to Health in these Challenging Times

Challenging times require drastic measures. With all the stress and turmoil today, patients are grinding, clenching and breaking teeth more than ever. Yet many of our patients are not working and have limited finances or are concerned about their retirement plans and their future. As caring healthcare providers, we must develop strategies to help our patients keep their teeth during these uncertain times.

Direct restorations may be a critical key to preserving the integrity of our patients’ oral health. Current treatments may need to become less ideal and more practical. Discover how to create long-term interim restorations. Develop your techniques to improve the lifetime of your restorations. The time is now to train yourself and your staff to use these vital ways to keep your patients comfortable and smiling.

  1. Learn how to place ideal Class II composite restorations that are comfortable and create good gingival health
  2. Discover how to place long-term interim restorations
  3. Improve your placement of esthetic layered restorations
  4. Expand your use of direct pulp caps in appropriate situations
  5. Take charge of helping your patients keep their teeth during these challenging times